Are nice guys bad in bed or is it actually opposite?


Thoughts are something which can be influenced easily. There are various things happening around us which can easily impact our thoughts on any topic and this is true, that we do get influenced by them. Same is the case when girls think about having sex with a particular kind of guys. They think that boys with muscular body, bad image and rough looks will be a MAN in the bedroom and will perform way better than geeks around. However, with escorts in Lucknow, we have realized something which is myth braking experience for everyone.


Girls who think that nice guys, who are soft spoken and understand feelings of others are not good players of sex, are actually in a dilemma. These guys are the real lovers since they know how to prioritize feelings and needs of others, then being selfish. Often guys with well-built try to dominate their partner while having sex, which even sometimes include being rude with their partner which their companion might not like. In these situations, thoughts which ponder their mind is that being a guy they are satisfying their partner, whereas they don’t even think that being harsh might hurt their mate.


Nice guys can be dominant or submissive during the sex play, but whatever their role is; they are always concerned about the wellbeing of their companion. They do want to enjoy sex, but together. It’s not like one wants to dominate even when other partner is not comfortable with that. It is all about consent. Dominance doesn’t mean to rule anyone. Dominance in sex is good only when one proposes to take control and other agrees with the decision, and the roles can be switched during the play.


Just being submissive is even not enough. In order to give your dominant partner that awesome feeling while having sex, you need to be an active submissive. One who is constantly active during all the positions of sex and contribute towards experiencing it in a better way by controlling the flow of activities even being a submissive. This way, with the dynamic participation of both the companion, sex becomes like a play and you can certainly enjoy it as a game rather than a routine activity and sex can only be enjoyed not performed.


Alpha men, who usually believe in posing themselves on other don’t even realize that they are not good in bed. Giving some strokes and reaching the climax, this is not what sex is all about. Sex is all about feeling each other, touching sensuously, smelling body fragrances and most importantly respecting feelings and wants of each other. Good boys are great on all these aspects and thus turn out to be true and loyal lovers along with being awesome in bed.


This has even been experienced by our call girls in Lucknow and they have realized that when bad guys are told what they are not good at, they often take revenge by writing false allegations in reviews of a call girl and thus, sometimes those boys don’t even come to know that they are bad in bed.